Chiquita’s new marketing pitch offers clever, appealing play on words

Produce Business wire reports

Chiquita is launching its new worldwide campaign, “It Peels So Good” to both showcase its leadership in the banana category and highlight its quality, taste, personality, and heritage.  

“It Peels So Good” tells the banana company’s story of a rich history and a bright future. With the alliteration of “peel” and “feel,” the campaign seeks an emotional response that connects people to the brand – a feeling beyond the moment of consumption.

The company says it’s committed to providing high-quality products and making a positive impact on the world. Chiquita’s marketing efforts date back as far as 1944 when its iconic jingle, often referred to as the “Chiquita Banana Song,” was created to highlight Chiquita bananas’ benefits and qualities.

“From our earliest days of branding the banana with our bold blue stickers, to introducing the world to Miss Chiquita, we’ve aimed to drive home our brand’s vibrant and light-hearted visual storytelling,” said Marco Volpi, chief marketing officer for Chiquita Brands. “We’re thrilled to carry on that path with this new and exciting campaign that will celebrate our leadership, personality and heritage as it unfolds throughout the year. Chiquita peels so good … since 1870.”

The “It Peels So Good” campaign will subsequently debut a variety of media formats including, social media content, out-of-home presence in key tourist sites across the globe like immersive touchpoints in Europe and in the U.S. Will it appear on iconic double decker buses in the UK as other campaigns have? Perhaps.

Additionally, Chiquita has launched video formats for digital media displaying a selection of vintage advertising campaigns that explore the brand’s heritage through its branded assets.



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