World Avocado Organization expands support for retailers across UK

UK fruit imports held steady in 2017

The World Avocado Organization (WAO), a non-profit group focused on sustainable growth and global avocado consumption, has finalised its 30th retailer collaboration, establishing partnerships with supermarkets in 12 countries, and over 35,000 stores, tripling its retail support across the UK and Europe since 2021. Avocados are adding consumers across the globe, and WAO says it […]

Jooste: The changing face of the fresh produce workforce

I recently turned 65. After an old-school, shoulder-to-the-wheel, hard-working career of 30 years in fresh produce, I decided to use my skills to assist companies in strategic plans for marketing, communication and sustainability. The idea was to work one or two days a week. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it worked fine. Fast forward to 2023, […]

A wholesaler’s communication, coordination are key to building trust with retailers

Produce wholesalers are a vital link in the supply chain for independent supermarkets, natural food stores and co-ops. We provide access to a wide variety of conventional and organic commodity and value-added products, while giving retailers an opportunity to tap into our inventory for freshness, turns and consistent supply. A good wholesaler serves as the […]

Pink Lady maintains solid sales in UK, Europe despite economic setbacks

Pink Lady apple sales show no signs of slowing, post record numbers in June

Though inflation has driven big discounts and even downgrades, those in the apple industry have been surviving as well as they can. Despite the challenges, Pink Lady Europe says its 180,000 tonnes of apples sold this season has kept pace with market expectations, posting a 3% gain over the previous season.  In addition, Pink Lady […]

Waitrose building out massive Uber Eats network across the UK this summer

Waitrose has combined forces with Uber Eats to assist with grocery deliveries in London, piloting the service in five London supermarkets. The full rollout of Uber Eats is expected to continue through the summer, with more than 200 locations offering fresh produce and other items to family doorsteps. “We want more and more people to enjoy the […]

Chiquita’s new marketing pitch offers clever, appealing play on words

Chiquita is launching its new worldwide campaign, “It Peels So Good” to both showcase its leadership in the banana category and highlight its quality, taste, personality, and heritage.   “It Peels So Good” tells the banana company’s story of a rich history and a bright future. With the alliteration of “peel” and “feel,” the campaign seeks an emotional […]