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No comparison: Aldi, Lidl are significantly less expensive per shop than other supermarkets

Calling itself a “consumer champion”, the brand Which? regularly performs comparison shops in the UK to give customers the lowdown on pricing and value. One of its regular targets is supermarkets. Over the past couple of years, the winners have been clear: They’ve been Aldi and Lidl in a runaway. That hasn’t stopped other chains from putting out messaging that underscores their commitment to try

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Researchers say shortages in UK can be solved with more homegrown produce

While Aldi and other retailers have for the moment provided fixes to the shortages of fruits and vegetables on their shelves, researchers say more needs to be done to stave off potential gaps in the future. A new Green Paper released by the University of Warwick purports that UK should be less reliant on other “climate vulnerable countries” for fresh produce and more focussed on

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