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RedPop apple six packs, small in size, make a big splash in Waitrose stores

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RedPop, a small snacking apple from northern Italy grown through the VOG Consortium, has made its way into Waitrose stores throughout the UK.

Sold in a pack of six in Waitrose supermarkets, the apples give consumers a fresh, space-saving on-the-go option for healthy eating. The apples have garnered strong interest in many locations, including Asia.

“RedPop has already received overwhelming praise from our partners in many international markets,” said Hannes Tauber, Marketing Manager at VOG. “This is due to its characteristics, such as its exceptional sweetness and crunchiness, but also to its distinctive positioning as a snack and its fresh, pop brand identity, which stands out at the point of sale and also appeals to a younger audience.” 

Produced in South Tyrol through one of Europe’s largest co-ops, RedPop is another dynamic entry into retail. Growers have highlighted its diminutive size and also its diversity of flavour characteristics including hints of plum, melon, papaya and elderflower.

Last year’s harvest hit 3,000 tonnes, and expectations are for that number to grow as RedPops are developed through organic and integrated farming methods.

With the 2022 harvest, quantities produced have reached 3,000 tonnes, with major plans to increase volumes over the coming seasons, both from integrated and organic farming.

For Waitrose, the buzz on RedPops began with a very public marketing campaign that included splashy advertisements on 78 double-decker buses in London. In addition, they integrated a geolocalised digital campaign to help boost sales.

“We believe it is important for us to work in synergy with our customers because we want to be a partner in building the apple category together,” Tauber said. “This is why our presence in the UK store was accompanied by an investment in communication that enhanced the brand and its positioning.”  



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