Waitrose launches trial with Deliveroo’s Hop for quicker home delivery

Waitrose will be introducing fast delivery service Deliveroo Hop in some of its stores during a trial beginning later this month. The retailer already has a shared partnership with Deliveroo that began in September and does feature on-demand grocery service but could halve the time to get items to customers, arriving in as little as […]

Waitrose partners with recipe box service on fresh meal delivery

Waitrose has launched what is believed to be the first UK supermarket partnership with a recipe box service in the UK, agreeing to a 12-week trial of the highly popular brand Mindful Chef. The health-driven, consumer-focused initiative, borne out of demand for those looking for better meal options to cook from home, began on Wednesday […]

Waitrose pushes expansion in Scotland by partnering with Margiotta

Waitrose has entered into an agreement and begun delivering its products to Margiotta, a convenience store chain in Scotland known for its high-quality fresh food. The retailer is supplying more than 600 items to 16 of Margiotta’s shops and will add two more locations after the new year as soon as those stores are revamped. […]

Big Five supermarket CEOs commit to sweeping climate change efforts at COP26 Summit

The five big supermarket chains promised to cut carbon emissions in their operations by 2030 during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place in Glasgow. Leaders from Co-Op, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose all said they would do their part in helping to save the environment by trimming food waste, reducing […]

Waitrose will give electric vans a test run for home delivery starting in 2022

While the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is ongoing, British supermarket Waitrose announced it will be the first supermarket in the UK to test-run a set of new electric vehicles for delivery in 2022. The retailer says groceries will be driven to customers in the new fleet that includes “cutting-edge wireless technology” from its […]

Retail roundup: Tesco puts health at forefront of new four-year strategy

UK retailer Tesco is launching a major initiative to help shoppers eat more healthy by increasing the range of fresh products in store, boosting their promotions and making them more affordable. Tesco says its “reformulation” plans taking place between now and 2025 will heavily focus on plant-based items, making plant protein more readily available. For […]

Retail roundup: Sainsbury’s giving millions back to store colleagues


UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s announced it is increasing pay for store colleagues by 20p for their “incredible efforts to help feed the nation during the pandemic,” part of a £100m effort to give back to their workers. In addition, the retailer will give some of those who have served in frontline capacities an extra £530 based on […]