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Aldi reveals Christmas Super Six deals for 19p, and they are all vegetables

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Aldi is at it again.

Although the discount retail chain still trails the top three UK supermarkets in terms of market vue by a large margin, its continual low price points are drawing in new customers. As Kantar noted in its most recent release of grocery sales here, they have been outpacing their rivals by nearly four to one.

It’s easy to understand why. Customers looking for savings with inflation still hovering above 14% will get it from Aldi starting on Dec. 18. Late last week, the chain revealed its annual Christmas Super Six deals, which are all vegetable essentials at 19p.

Packages and individual varieties of carrots, white potatoes, parsnips, red and white cabbage, Brussels sprouts and Swedes – crucial to that savory festive dinner – have been reduced by an astounding 80%. All of them, too, come from British suppliers.

“We believe that access to fresh, high-quality food is a right, not a privilege – and Christmas dinner is no exception,” Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said. “Christmas is an expensive time for many families up and down the UK, but customers can rest assured that Aldi will always offer the very best value groceries.”

Combined with another release of its famed Kevin the Carrot series, Aldi has been one of the best retailers at pitching more healthful items to consumers. In turn, it also has worked closely with its local suppliers to ensure shoppers are getting the freshest items and that those who grow and deliver them are aided in the process.

“Shoppers can rest assured that Aldi’s amazing vegetable deals don’t come at a cost to its suppliers,” Ashfield said. “The supermarket carefully plans any promotions and works with British growers on a seasonal or annual fixed cost price. That means, regardless of promotional activity in store, growers receive the same fair price as usual.”

Aldi’s growth in terms of footprint across the UK (and Lidl, as well) has helped position discount retailers more strongly against rivals Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. Both of the chains have been named in separate analyses as the least expensive shops in the nation. And they each continue to make headway in terms of market share. Aldi is fourth behind the three, while Lidl is fifth behind Morrisons by 1.6 percentage points.



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