Sainsbury’s agrees to 5-year deal with Microsoft to put AI at centre of store operations

Supermarkets, always looking to become more efficient while promoting quality especially in fresh produce, know technology is crucial to meeting demand in 2024 from consumers and shareholders.  Seizing on that potential, British retailer Sainsbury’s recently entered into a five-year partnership with Microsoft Corp. that it hopes can leverage Microsoft’s AI and machine learning “capabilities” to help in […]

Brakes hits huge target in partnership with FareShare: food for 10 million meals

FareShare: Combating food waste at retail is a beneficial and 'necessary business cost'

UK foodservice supplier Brakes recently celebrated a milestone moment – it has helped shepherd the equivalent of 10 million meals to the charity FareShare.  Brakes began its partnership with FareShare more than 10 years ago, but it has blossomed during the past few critical years and especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. Brakes, in fact, was […]

Food freshly offers solution at MacFrut to extend shelf life of premium vegetables

Shelf-life preservation specialist Food freshly recently showcased the advantages of its sulfite-free and preservative-free fresh produce preservation applications for many of the premium vegetables used in Italian food preparation at MacFrut 2024 in Rimini, Italy until May 10, 2024.  Recognised for its achievements in extending the shelf-life of everything from lettuce to apple slices, Food freshly’s solution […]

Investing in the future: How to unlock the funding to finance a food system transformation

Currently, an astonishing one-third of all food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted. It’s difficult to overlook the evidence, and most pertinently, the data highlights that our global food system is still far from future-proof. In 48 countries, an estimated 238 million people still experience chronic food insecurity. If we capture even half of […]