Aldi UK plans to increase suppliers by 100 in new year

As Aldi moves to add to its growing base of supermarkets in the UK in 2022, it is also looking to add farmers and growers to keep the chain running smoothly. The discount retailer is hoping to add more than 100 British suppliers in the coming year, saying it wants to increase the amount of […]

Aldi will boost pay for UK colleagues again starting in February

Retailer Aldi is not only remaining highly competitive on pricing but is also delivering more when it comes to pay for its colleagues. The discount chain says it is boosting pay again for 28,000 employees in the UK starting in February to keep them on top of the chain among supermarkets here. “The commitment and […]

Sainsbury’s prices veg at 19p to compete with Aldi Super Six Christmas deals

Keenly aware of the potential impact of discount retail during the final weeks of the year, Sainsbury’s says it will be doing its own trimming of prices for shoppers up until Christmas and giving them the highest-quality vegetables, meat and fish in the process. One of the key ingredients to any festive meals are vegetables, […]

Just like Aldi, Lidl sets goal to reach 1,000-plus stores in UK

Lidl Great Britain are in a dogfight with Aldi to see which discount retailer can open the most stores here over the next several years. Aldi has promised to reach the 1,000 in the next two years by opening an additional 100 stores during that stretch. It is currently at more than 920. Lidl officials […]

Aldi’s expansion across the UK will continue through New Year

Aldi continues to grow Deliveroo options as it heads towards Christmas

In a push to bring more convenience to shoppers across the UK and Scotland, Aldi has announced it will open 15 more stores by the end of the year. The discount retail chain, which has increased its reach to 930 supermarkets across the UK, will open new sites in Edinburgh, as well as Orpington and […]

Aldi will have more than 1,000 stores in UK if it hits target

Aldi pushes ahead with trial of its first click-and-collect services in UK

The Aldi wave continues to rolls across the UK as the retail chain announced it is planning to open an additional 100 new stores within the next two years. Two of the cities being targeted are York and Coventry as the supermarket seeks to lay out £1.3 billion in its quest to open at least […]