Crownless pineapples make appearance this summer in some Aldi supermarkets

In October of 2023, Sainsbury’s unveiled crownless pineapples in its stores. Officials touted the move as a way to “reduce our impact on the planet wherever we can.” Less than a year later, discount retailer Aldi is doing its part by trialling pineapples without their leaves in select supermarkets – in the Midlands, Yorkshire and […]

Aldi launches plans for new signage, sustainability improvements in 100 stores in UK

Aldi is pouring some £90 million into 100 of its supermarkets in the UK to make them more consumer friendly. In addition to increasing the amount of space its shoppers will have to navigate aisles in stores, Aldi is upgrading them with “energy efficient technology” which includes new doors on refrigerators and adding natural refrigerants […]

Aldi reaches historic 20-year deal with British apple grower AC Goatham

AC Goatham & Son, one of the most renowned fruit farms in the UK, has reached a new £750 million deal with Aldi to supply it with fresh apples and pears. Based in Kent, AC Goatham has been working with Aldi since 2016, but was not its sole provider of British apples until last year. […]