Aldi pushes price cuts on fresh produce even further in first quarter of 2024

Many of Aldi’s price cuts may seem nominal, but in truth, the discount retailer has lowered them by 7% on 25% of its fresh produce to start 2024. Those drops include more than 50 items, from berries, grapes, tomatoes and apples to its fresh salad range. “This year we’re aiming to cut more prices than […]

Aldi and Lidl putting massive investments behind British vegetable suppliers

Discount retail chains Lidl and Aldi have each bolstered contracts aimed at helping struggling British fresh food suppliers and consumers. Lidl said it is pouring more than £70 million into a three-year deal with suppliers that handle root vegetables, including carrots, parsnips, and swedes. Meanwhile, Aldi said it will be sinking more than £1.4 billion […]