Waitrose testing linerless packaging for gold kiwifruit

Produce Business report

Waitrose this summer is trialing the Pro-Produce pack linerless solution for its Fresh Gold Kiwis.

ProPrint Group collaborated with Primafruit and the retailer to launch the eight-week trial. If successful, the Pro-Produce pack could roll out further within the Waitrose fruit range.

For Gold Kiwis alone, the linerless packaging format can save 1.2 tonnes of plastic.

“We are delighted to be testing this new technology on our Gold Kiwi product range. The trial is designed to help us understand the packaging function within our supply chain as well as the customer appetite for 100% kerbside recyclable card packaging where the fruit is not fully visible at the time of purchase,” said Lisa Meade of Waitrose.

“The data will give us a clear understanding of the supply chain adaptations required if rolling out more widely, as well as insight on how receptive our customers are to this type of packaging solution.”

Packing speeds are higher than other potential carton-board solutions, with the Waitrose Gold Kiwis packed at speeds of 45ppm. The packing process also offers inline date coding, making the pack an efficient and practical solution for packhouses.

The linerless packaging format is available using a range of tray sizes. Customers can tailor lids using shapes and apertures to suit the product.

The Ravenwood applicator can connect to weigh price labeler for catch weight, fixed weight or average weight labeling.

Pro-Produce says tons of plastic film and punnets go to landfills today due to inconvenience, lack of consumer knowledge or inadequate flexible film recycling infrastructure.

This linerless pack is composed completely of renewably sourced board and paper. The lid and tray are both fully recyclable in line with OPRL.



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