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Tesco capitalises on TikTok trend and healthy influencers with new Salad Creation Bars

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A very cool trend is taking shape in the produce aisles of Tesco. 

Inspired by TikTok influencers and Gen Z’s penchant to make more healthy food choices, the retailer is adding “Salad Creation Bays” to its stores. 

“Salads don’t have to be boring,” says Emily Hampson, Buying Manager for Prep Fruit and Prep Salad for Tesco. “They can be tasty, filling and suitable for many meal occasions. More exciting salads appear to be a foodie focus now, with increasingly imaginative creations with a varied range of inclusions appearing on TikTok and Instagram. We want to inspire customers to make their own best-ever salads at home.” 

Creating healthy salads from any number of ingredients has become all the rage on the two social media platforms. So Tesco wanted to create a space in the produce department to seize on the trend and reach a younger demographic. Of course, eating healthy suits all ages. 

Older customers might remember the long-gone days of salad bars, especially at restaurants. Those morphed into speciality bars in higher-end supermarkets. Some are still notably featured at retailers in North America. 

So what is in Tesco’s Salad Creation Bay? 

Each is divided into three areas – base ingredients, such as lettuce; the builder, such as avocado; and the topper, such as a salad dressing. 

For example:  

•    Base – Lettuce And Peashoot Summer Salad; Sweetheart Lettuce 
•    Builder – Smokey Shred Beetroot; Extra Large Avocado; Grated Carrot; and Spring Onions 
•    Topper – Pickled Cucumber Kimchi; Sriracha Honey Dressing; Coconut Chilli and Lime Dressing; Pickled Pink Slaw; Chopped Miso, Orange and Ginger Dressing 

There are many other items to choose from to build those salads: Zingy Corn Salsa; Chopped Maple Orange and Wholegrain Mustard Dressing; Caesar Dressing; Red Pepper Dressing; Chopped Avocado and Cucumber Dressing; Pepper and Salt Croutons; and Garlic and Herb Croutons. Customers can buy as many or as few as they want, and Clubcard holders receive additional discounts. 



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