Why Southern Africa’s focus on ‘premium’ makes it a quality partner in blueberry market

Blueberry exports from South Africa expected to increase by 20 per cent

This Q&A features highlights from an interview done with Dane Castle, Blueberry Technical Sales Manager Southern Africa at Planasa, who discusses the state of the Southern Africa blueberry season. For the full interview and charts, go to FreshFruitPortal.com. Could you share insights into the expected volume and quality of the 2024 Southern African Blueberry season? Southern […]

Colombia cements its status as one of top suppliers of avocados to UK

Fresca Group inks deal promoting Colombian avocados in UK

During the first quarter of 2024, the Hass Avocado Producers and Exporters Corporation of Colombia (CorpoHass) reported significant growth in the industry’s contribution to the nation’s economy. The avocado sector’s input to Colombia’s Gross Domestic Product surged by 150%, representing 1.5% of the national GDP, according to CorpoHass data. Avobook highlights the impact of this […]

New CEO of South Africa Table Grape Association has ties to Nottingham school

The South Africa Table Grape Industry Association (SATI) has appointed Mecia Petersen as its new chief executive.  Petersen joined SATI in March 2022 and has managed numerous key projects and initiatives in support of maintaining South Africa’s position as a preferred global supplier. During her tenure, Petersen has been instrumental in executing projects aligned with […]

Avocado exports expected to increase in South America, Mexico over next two years

New trends to further drive avocado growth in 2019, says World Avocado Organization

A recently released Rabobank report notes that avocado production and exports are expanding, with Mexico, Peru, and Colombia expected to become the largest exporters by 2026. Peru is the main source of avocados for the UK, but could there be further opportunities for imports from other areas? “To remain profitable, industry players must innovate in […]

South African raisins rebound, ready for major promotional campaign in UK

South African growers drive UK campaign to debunk myths on raisins

South African raisin producers have bounced back in 2024, achieving a total crop size of 95,000 tonnes with outstanding quality, following several challenging years for the industry.  A combination of adverse weather conditions, global economic uncertainty and increased input costs has put pressure on suppliers, resulting in a reduced crop of 60,231 tonnes in 2023.  […]

Blueberry season begins ramping up in South Africa, with exports set to rise again

South African blueberry industry, reliant on exports to UK, forecasts soaring growth

The blueberry industry in South Africa, although relatively nascent in comparison to other countries, has seen a steady increase in production and exports. This year, growers are optimistic about the country’s output, anticipating a 10% growth in exports and expecting to achieve its target of 25,000 tonnes of blueberries, a significant increase from last year’s […]

Why is AI in your future? Because your business rivals are already going there.

Thinking about using artificial intelligence to boost your bottom lines in the fresh produce industry? You’re not alone.  According to a new report by Tata Consultancy Services, more than 85% of 1,300 senior business leaders polled in 24 countries said they are using AI to boost their revenue streams and create new opportunities.  The TCS […]