Westfalia Fruit growing avocados on Portugal reserve using ‘minimal’ water

In a one-of-a-kind ‘farming with nature’ initiative, multinational supplier Westfalia Fruit Group has successfully launched and is maintaining a highly sustainable avocado orchard on protected land in the Alcácer do Sal region of Portugal. Within a Site of Community Importance and under regulations from the Portuguese government and European Union law, it is currently growing […]

Westfalia Fruit using insect plan to control pests, protect fruits in Chile

In an effort to be more sustainable in its pest control methods, Westfalia Fruit Group is turning to insects over pesticides in a project in Chile to help protect its crops from Mealybugs and White scale. At its facility near Santiago, they are cultivating beetle predators to limit White scale in avocado and Red Scale […]

Avocados in skincare? Westfalia supplying seeds for UK cosmetics line

Westfalia Fruit will supply ground avocado seeds to premium beauty brand Dr. Craft to be used in a range of cosmetics in the UK. This comes after the global ban on the plastic microbeads previously used in the skincare industry. The eco-friendly alternative took three years of research, development and product-testing. Both the international supplier and the […]

Avocado leader Mission Produce announces distribution centre in Dartford

Avocado company Mission Produce has announced plans to open a state-of-the-art ripening, packing and forward distribution centre (FDC) in Dartford, England, in 2023. Strategically located with direct access to major international ports and transportation networks, the facility is expected to strengthen Mission’s expanding international footprint and optimize product distribution to the company’s European customer base. […]

Fresh produce finding its place more frequently on pizza

Platforms. Everyone in menu research and development thinks about platforms for serving a wide variety of menu items. Platforms can be breads, tortillas, biscuits, baked potatoes or pizza crusts, and each of these platforms is a perfect perch for fresh produce. Pizza especially. Crispy or doughy crust, a savory sauce, melted cheese, and a blank […]

Camposol makes good progress towards year-round avocado supply

Spanish avocado growers saw better volumes, historic price peaks in 2016-17

With its avocado season in full swing, Camposol is broadening its focus to include additional areas to develop further sourcing alternatives and strengthen year-round avocado supply. In a statement, Commercial Operations Director of Camposol David Bruggen said that “as our growth plans move forward, we continue to deepen our capability to supply fresh avocados on a year-round […]

U.S. research: Ultra avocado shoppers make significant impact on the category

By Alejandro Gavito, Senior Business Insights and Data Services Manager, Hass Avocado Board Marketers and retailers who understand fresh avocado shoppers and their purchase behaviors can create strategies that drive traffic, build loyalty and grow sales of fresh Hass avocados. In the rapidly evolving retail landscape, market dynamics are heavily influenced by shopper characteristics and […]

Chile expects major increase in avocado production

UK fruit imports held steady in 2017

In marketing year (MY) 2021-22 Chile will produce 220,000 metric tons (MT) of avocado, a 57 percent increase over MY2020-21, due to favorable climatic conditions. In MY2020-21 avocado production reached 140,000MT, a low production year due to drought and early frost, according to a USDA report. Eighty-nine percent of the avocados planted in Chile are the […]