Sysco GB shows off benefits of ‘Foodprint’ deal as it looks to lessen carbon footprint

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Sysco GB, the UK’s top wholesaler to foodservice, has launched a partnership with Nutritics to introduce its “Foodprint” technology for Brakes customers. The deal will bring carbon labelling within the reach of thousands of food businesses across the UK.

Foodprint, which has pioneered a fully automated Environmental Impact scoring system for hospitality and foodserve, lets customers track, manage and publish the water and carbon impact of their menus. Brakes plans to implement it as part of its Virtual Chef concept.

Food in general contributes to nearly a third of all global carbon emissions. This new tool will allow Brakes to support customers to specifically look at their menus to help develop them more sustainably.

“Over 90% of our carbon footprint is the food that we sell, so educating our team and supporting customers on the design and development of menus and the products they are sourcing is vital to us playing our part in tackling climate change,” Pete Statham, Head of Sustainability and Government Relations at Sysco GB, said. “With thousands of customers and the industry’s largest development chef team, we are very excited about the opportunity to build on Sysco’s global science-based targets and be at the forefront of transforming the food system and what ends up on the menus of tomorrow.”

Foodprint works by taking the most reliable data available across agriculture, processing, packaging and transportation, linked back to peer reviewed academic research. It delivers this in an understandable format that can easily be translated into a consumer-friendly label. By bringing carbon and water data together with nutritional, allergen and margin information and sharing it out, consumers can make more informed decisions on the impact of a particular dish or in recipes.

Sysco GB recently worked with Knowledge Labs from Nutritics, a specialist sustainability consultancy service, to create and deliver a programme to educate all its 8,000 colleagues in sustainability. This included bringing together the development chef team to test the new Nutritics system, demonstrating how it can be used to help support customers in understanding and managing the environmental impact of the food they buy and ultimately cutting the impact of their menus.

“Fresh from helping the organisers of COP28 deliver climate-friendly menus across the conference, this is another opportunity for us to provide food sustainability experience that helps hospitality businesses,” Stephen Nolan, CEO of Nutritics said. “We’re proud to work alongside Sysco GB, creating a path towards shared goals and becoming part of its sustainability journey. By becoming part of Brakes’ Virtual Chef concept, we’re able to support the company in its broader mission to reduce emissions and educate customers on the impact of culinary decisions on the environment, creating a greener future.”



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