Wholesale market: Embracing technology doesn’t mean completely abandoning tradition

B2B omni-channel adoption slow, but online becoming a 'prerequisite' for supplier deals

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Well, this phrase sums up the digital transformation we’ve undergone at Willie Itule Produce in recent years. We’ve made significant strategic changes, and we got there by balancing technology and tradition. We’ve had “wins and learns” along the way, which […]

Hunts Point Market, the core of New York’s produce distribution, shifts to serve

As the crises of the past few years reduce from boil to simmer, labor, transportation, weather and rising costs continue to weigh on operations at New York City’s Hunts Point Produce Market, part of the city-owned Hunts Point Food Distribution Center. But the market is seeing a consistency of business. Retail traffic is always a […]

A wholesaler’s communication, coordination are key to building trust with retailers

Produce wholesalers are a vital link in the supply chain for independent supermarkets, natural food stores and co-ops. We provide access to a wide variety of conventional and organic commodity and value-added products, while giving retailers an opportunity to tap into our inventory for freshness, turns and consistent supply. A good wholesaler serves as the […]

Wholesalers don’t just provide fresh produce, they do it all for customers

Wholesalers are experiencing an identity crisis amid the increasingly competitive arena of produce distributors. Our customer needs are changing, and it is up to wholesalers to adapt to this new environment to stay relevant. Luckily, wholesalers are characterized by their immense dedication to the business, and we don’t just overcome hurdles, we break right through […]

Led by Montreal, Canada’s dynamic produce trade is making a comeback

Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, is a dynamic place where cultures, ideas and fashions intermingle, and the food culture is strong. Although the city retains many French Canadian roots, the opening of a new supermarket in 2022 demonstrates it also has a diverse culture. Last year, the first Quebec T&T Supermarket opened […]

Jim Prevor: A Profile in Courage

In 2022, Primus Group Inc. and I lost a great friend, James Prevor [Jim]. The phrase “speak truth to power” is attributed to the Quakers. It implies a level of bravery that requires “risking either the status quo, one’s reputation or livelihood, or the wrath of the person one is confronting.” Jim regularly “spoke truth […]