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Price cuts on 4 fresh produce items keep Aldi ahead of competitors again

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Matching Aldi on price continues to be a challenge for opposing retailers, especially when Aldi keeps setting the bar lower.

The discount supermarket chain recently announced more reductions to staple items, putting rivals on their heels again. They weren’t significant but enough to put a surprise devoted customers and put uneasiness in leaders at other chains.

Included in its now-reduced 30 items were four from the produce department, including three summer favorites: a 5-pack of Essential Oranges; a 600g package of Easy Peelers; and a 4-pack of Flat Peaches. The total savings for shoppers if they purchased all three: just 20p.

But perception is key, and with Aldi claiming the lowest prices on each, they can strongly market that statement behind already sterling price points (oranges at £0.89; peelers at £1.39; and peaches at £0.85). It’s hard for any supermarket to beat those,

“Our promise is that we will always offer the lowest grocery prices and we’re doing everything we can to pass savings on to our customers,” Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, said. “As Britain’s cheapest supermarket, shoppers are switching to Aldi from every other supermarket.” 

Those who aren’t yet may be enticed by the bargains at ever-expanding Aldi.

For more than a year, Aldi has beaten all competitors (though Lidl is close) with low, low pricing that is significantly less expensive on average shop, according to data from consumer group Which? A basket of similar items at Tesco usually costs around £8 more than Aldi (£71.22), while those who frequent Waitrose pay £16 more.

Even with price matching, it has been nearly impossible for other chains to keep pace. In the past two months alone, Aldi has reduced prices on more than 130 products from all aisles. The latest trims also include a six pack of Everyday Essential Apples at just £0.95. Other items on further sale at Aldi include essentials such as butter spread, canned food, and personal hygiene products.

All of the reductions are meant to help consumers stave off pesky inflation, which has improved over the past six months but is still a factor in cost of living.



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