Waitrose commits to ‘Good Health’ by slashing prices again on fresh vegetables, meats

Britain supermarket price wars are continuing into spring of 2024, with Sainsbury’s cutting prices on 1,000 items and Waitrose reducing the cost of 200 items including fresh vegetables. The major announcement by Sainsbury’s, however, only hinted that it would include “favourite branded products.” The chain didn’t not reveal much more than that and whether those […]

Across the pond, companies struggling to get shoppers to purchase brand-name produce

Produce brands not only have fierce competition from other brands, but also from private-label fruit and vegetables. In the last two years, inflation has impacted the cost of produce, further challenging brand-named produce. Companies need to fully understand the impact of inflation on consumers, and what they are looking for in their products to convince […]

Aldi pushes price cuts on fresh produce even further in first quarter of 2024

Many of Aldi’s price cuts may seem nominal, but in truth, the discount retailer has lowered them by 7% on 25% of its fresh produce to start 2024. Those drops include more than 50 items, from berries, grapes, tomatoes and apples to its fresh salad range. “This year we’re aiming to cut more prices than […]

Lidl makes huge surge in London, surpasses Asda in market share

Retailer roundup: Lidl closes Middlesbrough store after staffers contract Covid-19

Supermarket customers in London continue to look for value in their shops, and that is most evident in the soaring popularity of one discount retail chain. Lidl GB, known for its low prices on all products including its lines of fruits and vegetables, has overtaken Asda and moved into third place in the city with […]

Asda makes more price cuts to fresh produce as shoppers struggle with affordability

Like many of its retail competitors including Aldi, Asda announced this week it lowered prices on more than 230 items, including fresh produce. The move includes both branded and own-brand items as the supermarket chain and others look to offset the tremendous burdens of food inflation being felt by British consumers. This trimming has been […]