Fairtrade plans banana price increase to help farmers cope with inflation

Fairtrade Foundation applauds duty-free commitment for poorest countries post-Brexit

Because of inflation and increased costs of shipping, global certification group Fairtrade has announced a pending 20% average rise in banana prices to help farmers struggling financially. A robust 15% will go toward offsetting the expenses being incurred by producers who export directly. The other 4.5% will go toward the rising costs at farms in […]

Rabobank: Inflation in Europe leading consumers to choose private label

Tesco planning big sales push over next five years on meat alternatives

With food prices soaring across the globe, in Europe consumers and food retailers are opting for private label products. According to an article by Rabobank, in Europe, supermarket prices have risen by 7 to 9 percent so far in May and the end is not yet in sight. Given the impact of the current inflation on […]

U.S.: Price is outpacing other drivers in produce purchasing

American consumers have traditionally made buying decisions based on the look and feel of a particular piece of produce. Appearance is still important, but it isn’t everything — at least right now. In an era marked by high inflation and still-shifting lifestyles, the value equation has come back to the forefront. According to the new 2022 […]

In war of produce pricing, Aldi drops some veg items to 9p

Not to be outdone by competitors trying to match their Super Six deals, Aldi GB slashed the prices on some of its fresh produce this week down to 9p – a 10p drop from its previous lows. For Christmas, its placed several dinner favourites in the range, including carrots (1kg), white potatoes (2kg), parsnips (500g), […]

Does the Aldi banana price rise mean we are turning corner?

For the best part of two decades, German hard discount retailer Aldi, present in thirty countries worldwide, has more or less set the benchmark price for fresh bananas in the European market. On 1st December the long-awaited ‘white smoke’ on the 2022 contract price finally appeared to have gone up after particularly protracted and controversial negotiations […]

Asda study shows consumers won’t pay premium prices for sustainable products

Sourcing sustainable bananas for foodservice and wholesale markets

What would help drive up purchases of sustainable products? It’s pretty simple: Lower prices. According to new research done by supermarket chain Asda, green labeling and increased product options are not what gets consumers’ attention, but the cost of those items. More than 75% said they would have a more sustainably-focused mindset if prices were […]