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Asda squares off against both Aldi and Lidl in price-matching scheme that includes 287 new items

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In an effort to stave off gains being made by deep discounters Aldi and Lidl in the UK, Asda has promised it will be matching prices from both competitors this year.

Asda, which currently sits comfortably ahead of the two in market share according to Kantar Worldpanel data – 13.6% to Aldi’s 9.3% and Lidl’s 7.7% (with Morrisons in between at 8.8%) – is making cuts across a range of products including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Though Aldi and Lidl have boldly been backed by claims from some publications that they possess the lowest average shop in the UK, Asda is pushing back with its “established position as the UK’s lowest-priced full-service supermarket.”

“Asda has over 50 years heritage as the customer champion, and we understand we have an important role to play in local communities to help families get the most from their budgets,” David Hills, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer, said. “We have launched Aldi and Lidl Price Match to help them save both time and money.”

Though not a direct shot at the two discounters in terms of customers who might share shopping  between the discounters and larger stores such as Asda, Tesco, or Sainsbury’s – Asda is clearly serious about tempering their growth while building its own.

This week alone, Asda named a new Chief Digital Officer, promoted a Girls in Data initiative, launched a new healthy eating range of foods, and boasted about its record growth in the convenience sector. And this latest salve, the first of its kind from larger retailers trying to take on both at the same time: lower prices on 287 comparable products for an average reduction of 17% to equal Aldi and Lidl.

“Our customers can trust that they will get uncompromising value every day,” Hill said.

Here are just some of the price changes happening at Asda:

Asda Mini Chicken Breast Fillets 650g£5.40p£4.32p£1.08p
Asda Whole Chicken 1.7kg large£5.40p£4.04p£1.36p
Asda Salmon Fillets 240g£4.80p£3.79p£1.01p
Asda Lean Beef Mince 500g£3.75p£3.49p£0.26p
Asda Extra Special Cheddar Cheese 300g£3.80p£2.99p£0.81p
Just Essentials by Asda Baked Beans 410g£0.28p£0.27p£0.01p
Asda Straight Cut Oven Chips 1.5kg£2.45p£1.65p£0.80p
Asda Carrots 1kg£0.65p£0.39p£0.26p
Asda Jazz Apples 6 pack£2.00p£1.89p£0.11p
Loose Bananas per kg£0.99p£0.90p£0.09p



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