Aldi and Lidl putting massive investments behind British vegetable suppliers

Discount retail chains Lidl and Aldi have each bolstered contracts aimed at helping struggling British fresh food suppliers and consumers. Lidl said it is pouring more than £70 million into a three-year deal with suppliers that handle root vegetables, including carrots, parsnips, and swedes. Meanwhile, Aldi said it will be sinking more than £1.4 billion […]

Lidl makes huge surge in London, surpasses Asda in market share

Retailer roundup: Lidl closes Middlesbrough store after staffers contract Covid-19

Supermarket customers in London continue to look for value in their shops, and that is most evident in the soaring popularity of one discount retail chain. Lidl GB, known for its low prices on all products including its lines of fruits and vegetables, has overtaken Asda and moved into third place in the city with […]

Which UK supermarket chain provides the most trusted shopping experience online?

M&S and Ocado’s £750M joint venture to 'transform online grocery shopping'

There might be debate over which supermarket chain provides the lowest average cost per shopping experience or the nicest looking store, but when it comes to another category – trust online – one stands out from the rest. Lidl was chosen by British consumers as the safest in terms of being the least intrusive, according […]