Price cuts on 4 fresh produce items keep Aldi ahead of competitors again

Matching Aldi on price continues to be a challenge for opposing retailers, especially when Aldi keeps setting the bar lower. The discount supermarket chain recently announced more reductions to staple items, putting rivals on their heels again. They weren’t significant but enough to put a surprise devoted customers and put uneasiness in leaders at other […]

Consumer spending power increases, but Asda tracker shows cost concerns still high

ASDA celebrating Veganuary with trial vegan butcher counter in store

Although spending power has increased and inflation decreased, new insight from Asda shows that shoppers are still struggling with affordability. The rising cost of food and other items actually means that the amount customers can spend per week fell by £3 from March to August. That data point offsets somewhat upbeat news and is among […]

UK growers forced to chop down apple trees because of lack of profits

apples trees

After years of struggling with an increasingly challenging market, unpredictable climate, inflation, and lack of labour, some apple growers in England are seeing no profit and cutting down apple orchards.  This is the case for the southeast county of Kent “Garden of England,” where a family-owned apple farm that has been producing since 1882 will […]

Waitrose cuts already-reduced items, including produce, to help struggling shoppers

As new data from Kantar revealed the struggles of British consumers to fight off inflation, Waitrose joined its competitors in slashing prices, including reducing items that were already on sale. Putting what it says is a £100m investment to “lower prices on hundreds of everyday favourite products,” Waitrose has trimmed some items by a further […]

Grocery price inflation in UK tops 17%, stunning even Kantar analysts

Just when it seemed British supermarket consumers were making slight gains against inflation, new data released by Kantar Worldpanel shows they are not. In fact, their positions are worse than ever. Kantar revealed that in the month leading up to 19th February, grocery price inflation soared to a staggering 17.1%, the largest its analysts say […]