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Morrisons slashes prices on almost 500 items, but are they enough?

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Trying to remain competitive against deep discount retail chains Aldi and Lidi, Morrisons recently reduced prices on nearly 500 more items including some fruits and vegetables.

Although Morrisons now has lowered the cost on 1,000 products, it only has committed to those reductions over the course of eight weeks.

“We’re now going again with a second wave of activity to keep prices locked low well into the Spring,” Rachel Eyre, Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Morrisons, said. “Today’s news is further evidence of our commitment to drive down prices and help make a positive difference to our customers’ pockets.”

With inflation and cost of living increases still stinging consumers, the cuts certainly help. But compare the average shop for similar items at Morrisons to Aldi after the first price reductions were made in January and the difference was still more than £15, according to consumer champion Which?. Waitrose and Tesco, though still more expensive than Aldi and Lidl, were still better than Morrisons on price.

So what’s included in the most recent slashes from Morrisons?

Orange squash is down 10 pence and a Morrisons Jazz apple 6-pack is down 15 pence, while there are further cuts across other departments, including freezer items, baby essentials, dairy and fresh meat and fish. Some of the reductions are not insignificant. However, it is in unclear whether those will remain temporary.

Morrisons says they have invested some £148 million into the two schemes.



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