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Lidl GB again increases hourly pay for store and warehouse colleagues

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For the third time in the past year, Lidl GB has raised the wage rates of hourly colleagues to become the highest paying retailer for that group of workers among UK supermarkets.

Nearly 25,000 store and warehouse employees will see pay increases from £11.00 to £11.40, including some who will see boosts as high as £12.30 depending on their time with the company. Those inside the M25 will earn between £12.85 and £13.15

With inflation still stinging workers across the UK, the moves have been made to help both retain colleagues and assure them of a living wage.

“Our people are at the core of everything we do, and this investment recognises the hard work and contribution they make in serving communities across the country every day,” said Ryan McDonnell, CEO of Lidl GB.

Lidl has invested some £60 million toward increases in pay for workers, including £8 million in the current scheme. The latest pay raise mean hourly employees are now being paid as much as 16% more than their rivals, although almost all of the others have made increases over the past year or more.

“Back in 2015, Lidl GB became the first supermarket to pay the voluntary Living Wage,” Stephanie Rogers, Chief Human Resources Officer at Lidl GB, said. “This marked a fundamental change within the industry and continues to set the bar for other supermarkets. Over the last seven years, we’ve continued to uphold our commitment to ensuring that those working at Lidl GB receive a pay rate that not only recognises their hard work, but also aligns with rising living costs. I’m incredibly proud to be part of an organisation that puts its people first.”

Lidl and Aldi also have done well to increase access to jobs, including many new full-time positions thanks to the openings of new markets. Lidl in fact announced recently it will be hiring 1,500 workers to serve its Regional Distribution Centres. Its new facility in Leeds will mean 400 new jobs.

In addition, new hires also careceive many other benefits such as life assurance, health and dental insurance and in-store discounts.



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