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Chile to host Global Avocado Summit in November, with a sustainability as a major theme

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The avocado industry has changed dramatically in the world and, particularly, in Chile. Today there are new supplier countries, growing markets, an increase in local consumption and great challenges such as enhancing the competitiveness of the avocado and promoting progress in sustainability.

With that intersecting and current view, the day of the avocado returns: the Global Avocado Summit, a renewed version of the meeting that was traditionally held, and which in 2024 will take place on 21 November at the Casino Monticello events center. It is being organized by the Chilean Avocado Committee and Yentzen Group.

Farmers, marketers and exporters will be treated to a bevy of topics, including: updates on the status of the sector; potential destination markets; and the commercial, marketing and communications strategies being employed by the avocado supplier countries, with sustainability as a central theme.

“For us, this is a very important event, not only because it brings together farmers, producers, marketers and suppliers of national and international inputs, among others, around an industry as relevant in Chile as the avocado; but also allows us to show how the production and commercial processes are completely oriented towards sustainability,” explains Francisco Contardo, Executive Director of the Avocado Committee, an independent association whose purpose is to promote, precisely, the sustainable development of the industry and disseminate its good practices.

Gustavo Yentzen, CEO of Yentzen Group, a leading company that helps lead and promote high-end agricultural events, says the Summit “will bring together the main global players in the avocado business to analyze, from a commercial perspective, the future of this industry, considering the future of the sector in the world, in the Southern cone and in Chile.”

This is a necessary event that seeks to make known the keys to the evolution of the market for this fruit. In the past decade Chile has been one of the main suppliers internationally and has a domestic market that has gained great relevance after the COVID-19 pandemic, reaching consumption of 8.2 kilos per person per year, one of the nations with the highest per capita consumption in the world.

Sustainability applied to the fruit

One of the main topics during Avocado Day will be sustainability. Chile has promoted various projects that point in this direction and is setting an example for the rest of the world.

“Currently, the Chilean avocado industry is the benchmark for sustainability in terms of international industries. We are an example, as well as an inspiration, on how sustainability has to be worked, being the backbone of actions in the sector,” Contardo said.

Yentzen added: “The objective is to understand how the future of the avocado has been adopted and must continue to adapt to meet the sustainability requirements of consumers, clients and retailers.”

For more information: events@yentzengroup.com or visit www.globalavocadosummit.com



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