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Waitrose partners with recipe box service on fresh meal delivery

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Waitrose has launched what is believed to be the first UK supermarket partnership with a recipe box service in the UK, agreeing to a 12-week trial of the highly popular brand Mindful Chef.

The health-driven, consumer-focused initiative, borne out of demand for those looking for better meal options to cook from home, began on Wednesday and will see deliveries start on 4th January 2022.

“This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Waitrose to grow and give our customers more convenient and innovative ways to enjoy our great quality products,” Charlotte di Cello, Commercial Director at Waitrose said. “We know many are moving to a hybrid way of shopping and eating, with a mix of recipe boxes, in-store and online shopping.”

Mindful Chef offers several options for consumers who want to prepare meals using the freshest ingredients – from fruits and vegetables to high-quality meats and fish – but without the hassle of having to travel and shop in store or combing aisles to try to gather items.

“Our core mission is to make healthy eating easy through bringing healthy, quality and sustainable food directly to people’s homes,” Giles Humphries, Mindful Chef Founder and CMO, said. “We’ve delivered over 20 million healthy meals to households across the UK since 2015. We are therefore proud and excited to partner with Waitrose given the perfect fit of our values and passion for the highest quality produce.”

One of the goals of the partnership is to attract new customers to Waitrose. Through the trial, shoppers can enjoy UK products that are ethically sourced while also helping those in need – for each meal they purchase, another will be donated to children through the One Feeds Two charity.

Included in the boxes of fresh ingredients and recipes, all provided by Mindful Chef, will be a Waitrose Cooks’ Ingredient product, along with co-branded leaflets that include hints and tips for other recipes. 



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