Year-round ‘Pink Star’ raspberry set for takeoff under supplier Agrovision

Earth Market, the variety and licensing subsidiary, has given Agrovision, a global berry producer and year-round supplier, extensive European growing and marketing rights for Pink Star, its new premium raspberry. Pink Star is a new portfolio from renowned French breeding company Marionnet Label. With a superior genetic taste range and proven technological prowess, Marionnet Label is well […]

Business sustainability requires new retail pricing model

In my previous column, I discussed the subject of natural sustainability in the industry. This time, I will be moving to another area of sustainability, and that is the overall sustainability of current produce retail pricing. The current retail pricing model is inherently unsustainable. The practice of raising retails arbitrarily to generate profits and inflate […]

Selling fresh produce online must evolve, be more like in-store experience

At the onset of the pandemic, grocery e-commerce jumped forward about five years on its natural growth trajectory. It was the full growth trifecta: more people, more trips and greater spending online. Fresh produce partook, but not to the same extent as center store grocery — a gap that still exists. Across all food and […]

FDA gives thumbs up to UK’s genetically modified purple tomatoes in the U.S.

The FDA has completed the review process to start marketing genetically altered, high-antioxidant purple tomatoes in the United States. Developed over the past 15 years in the UK, the purple tomato is a licensed variety proprietary from Norfolk Plant Sciences. It is currently being marketed exclusively in U.S. restaurants in a few areas. It will […]

British Berry Growers to dish out 30,000 strawberries at Mudder events

With 20,000 attendees expected at two outrageous and challenging events, British Berry Growers are seeing opportunities … in the mud. The body that represents the majority of berries in the UK will be one of the big promoters at Tough Mudder competitions, providing a well-positioned link between healthy eating and exercise. British Berry Growers will […]

Chiquita’s new marketing pitch offers clever, appealing play on words

Chiquita is launching its new worldwide campaign, “It Peels So Good” to both showcase its leadership in the banana category and highlight its quality, taste, personality, and heritage.   “It Peels So Good” tells the banana company’s story of a rich history and a bright future. With the alliteration of “peel” and “feel,” the campaign seeks an emotional […]