Pink Lady apple sales show no signs of slowing, post record numbers in June

Pink Lady maintains solid sales in UK, Europe despite economic setbacks

Produce Business wire report

Though inflation has driven big discounts and even downgrades, those in the apple industry have been surviving as well as they can.

Despite the challenges, Pink Lady Europe says its 180,000 tonnes of apples sold this season has kept pace with market expectations, posting a 3% gain over the previous season. 

In addition, Pink Lady has maintained a penetration rate of more than 20% in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. In Ireland, it is at 50%.

“Despite a season affected by the current economic climate, Pink Lady Europe has been defending its positions and is still creating value for the entire network, right through to consumers,” Pink Lady said in a statement.

In support this season, Pink Lady has created or launched 742 promotions, roughly equaling the number from the 2020-21. While price was a part of some of them, many were focussed simply on engaging consumers or highlighting proximity. Pink Lady said it reached more than 1.5 million shoppers alone through its Sponsor a Tree campaign, and boosted the number of sponsors to more than 5,000 across Europe. The result: 2.5 tonnes of apples sold.

Television and social media campaigns also have helped increase brand presence, led by “Pink Lady, what can Pink Lady do for you today?”

In addition and like many of the supermarkets its apples appear in, Pink Lady is focussed on reaching  carbon neutrality by 2030. It has been “working on soil regeneration, supporting the new generation of apple growers within the network, and [switching] to compostable stickers for fruit starting next season.”

What is expected from that 2023-24 season? Pink Lady says volume could reach 225,000 tonnes.



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