• nic_jooste

    Produce Opportunities In A Circular Economy

    • , Nic Jooste
    Jooste: 'New products made from recycled raw materials‭, ‬using sustainable packaging material‭, ‬will‭ ‬become a major player in the field of sustainability‭.'
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  • nic_jooste

    Restraint of trade: Limits on what is morally, socially or legally acceptable

    • , Nic Jooste
    Employees often leave to join competitors. What you do before that happens can have a lasting impact on your company's future.
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    Letter from America: Finding Opportunities in Changing Times

    • , Chris Burt
    Import labour or import produce: Britain‭, ‬of course‭, ‬as with the U.S. or any country‭, ‬has many‭, ‬often-conflicting interests‭
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  • Jooste1

    Food Of The Future: Folly Or Fact?

    • , Nic Jooste
    Cool Fresh will host a 24-hour marathon brainstorming session for 150‭ ‬‘bright young minds’‭ ‬that will identify challenges fresh produce companies face and create solutions‭.
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  • Harris2

    Greetings from America! Prepare for 'Produce Shark Tank'

    • , Harris Cutler
    Harris Cutler, who is president and chief executive of Race-West Company, Philip G. Ball Co. and Sparky’s Transportation Corp. in the United States, discusses how to stay on the cutting edge of wholesale produce distribution.
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  • Carl Edwards_LEAF_07.17.1

    Inspiring young people about fresh produce

    • , Carl Edwards, Director, Education and Public Engagement, LEAF
    Recently appointed director of education and public engagement at environmental farming body, LEAF, Carl Edwards, talks about how to engage youngsters through fruit and vegetable storytelling and why that is key to increasing consumption.
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  • Volkert Ingelsman

    Make the true costs and benefits of food transparent

    • , By Volkert Engelsman
    Long-time advocate of organic farming, HRH Prince Charles recently praised Eosta’s “true cost” accounting study. Here, general manager of the international distributor of fresh organic and fair fruits and vegetables explains what it’s all about.
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  • Hazel Culley2

    M&S helping local communities by doing more with surplus food and waste

    • , Hazel Culley, Sustainability Manager M&S
    Through its partnership with Neighbourly, the social network for good, each store is setup to donate surplus food that hasn’t been sold at the end of the day to local charities and people in need.
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  • Jaime Sanfélix, MD of Laser Food

    Laser labelling: The branding revolution making its mark across Europe

    • , Jaime Sanfelix
    From Scandinavia, to Germany, to the UK, the laser labelling of fresh fruits and vegetables is a phenomenon catching the interest of retailers and consumers, says Laser Food founder Jaime Sanfelix.
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  • Paul Wheeler Elementar

    What happens to the Protected Designation of Origin scheme post-Brexit?

    • , Paul Wheeler
    Elementar UK general manager, Paul Wheeler, explores how Brexit might impact PDO products in the UK amid concerns that small producers practising ancient methods could lose out to mass-production competitors.
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