Morrisons introduces 'Love To Help' measures for vulnerable and elderly
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Report: Morrisons workers could strike and leave shelves bare if pensions aren’t amended

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Several hundred employees at retailer Morrisons may walk off the job if the chain does not renegotiate contracts that impact their pensions and wages, according to union group Unite.

If that occurs, Unite is warning that customers could see empty shelves nationwide in the coming months as they do their shops.

Nearly 1,000 colleagues based in Cheshire and Wakefield, including warehouse stock controllers, cooks, canteen staff, and administrators, are being asked to protect their pay and their future by striking if necessary.

“Unite is focussed on our members’ jobs, pay and conditions and these unmerited changes to workers’ pensions will leave our members worse off every month,” said Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary. “Unite will not stand for such behaviour from any employer, let alone one like Morrisons who is raking in massive profits in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. Its flagrant profiteering and then cutting our members’ take-home pay is a disgrace.”

Unite says workers are being asked to contribute more money to their pensions while the supermarket chain “reduces its own contributions by the same amount.” Unite says changes to workers’ pensions will cost them about £500 per year.

Unite also says employees are being forced to adhere to “pick rates”, or how quickly they can get items packed and ready to ship, as well as more stringent absence policies.

“Our members provide a vital service ensuring supermarket shelves are full. Yet Morrisons have decided to unilaterally impose changes to their pensions that will leave them worse off and changes to the conditions that no one wants,” said Adam Jones, Unite national officer. “Morrisons need to see sense and reverse these changes or they will see the anger of our members on the picket line.”

Unite says action could be taken as early as this summer. A vote underway will end on May 9. The hopes are that Morrisons makes concessions.



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