• Jim Prevor - PBUK

    What to expect from changing times in the UK foodservice and home delivery environment

    • , Jim Prevor
    The Perishable Pundit, Jim Prevor, gives his insight into what the recent Sysco-Brakes and Amazon-Morrisons deals could entail, highlighting that opportunities remain open to innovative and agile businesses
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  • TOMMY 1

    How can we all deal with such predictable unpredictability?

    • , Tommy Leighton
    After attending this year’s City Food Lecture, Tommy Leighton offers his thoughts on both the challenges facing the food industry and buyers, and how your responses to consumer behaviour will undoubtedly shape the food landscape of the future
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  • Prof David Hughes and Miguel Flavian

    What we can learn from Spain about eating and selling more fresh produce

    • , Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián
    Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián look at the reasons why Spaniards consume considerably more fruits and vegetables than Brits, and highlight certain merchandising tips the UK could pick up from Spanish grocers
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  • Dom Weaver RED Communications

    Buyers and growers should work together to excite consumers

    • , Dom Weaver
    Dom Weaver from RED Communications explains how the UK supply chain can work with growers like Spain to re-energise exports and introduce new products that inject value into the fresh produce category
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  • Anna Taylor The Food Foundation

    Why Brits aren’t getting enough fibre from vegetables

    • , Anna Taylor
    With the UK’s fibre intake falling below par, Anna Taylor at The Food Foundation highlights some of the factors which might be making it harder for families to eat enough from healthy sources like vegetables
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  • Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flávian

    Mind the gap… in the UK grocery market

    • , Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián
    Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián analyse whether the easyJet entrepreneur’s trial hard discount supermarket, easyFoodstore, has any likely long-term commercial impact
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  • Deborah Winchester_Director_Shopper Anonymous

    Five ways to earn your customers’ trust

    • , Deborah Winchester
    Deborah Winchester of Shopper Anonymous discusses how to navigate the ‘age of the customer’ and create trust in order to build loyalty and drive repeat purchases
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  • Adrian Barlow English Apples and Pears

    Adequate topfruit supply depends on sufficient grower returns

    • , Adrian Barlow
    Adrian Barlow calls on retailers and growers to work together to set the necessary level of return that will safeguard supply for consumers to continue enjoying English apples and pears
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  • Hannah Maundrell editor in chief money.co.uk

    UK supermarkets must learn valuable lessons on consumer desire

    • , Hannah Maundrell
    Hannah Maundrell at money.co.uk claims every retail chain in the UK should learn from last year’s price race to the bottom by hanging their hat on something unique to define their place in the market
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  • David Hughes and Miguel Flavian

    Fresh victims of the price war: why commodity fruit and vegetables are going bananas

    • , Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián
    Professor David Hughes and Miguel Flavián discuss how retailers can make the most of well-known fresh fruit and vegetable value items and sell more volume without lowering prices
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