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M&S survey shows Brits’ top priority this summer is to live, eat healthy

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How are families planning to spend their summer in the UK?

More than half of those who were surveyed as part of the M&S Family Matters Index said they are prioritizing eating more healthy foods and looking to exercise more. Many are looking to take trips to the country to improve their mental health or going on holiday. But can they do it?

Those desires come during a budget-crunching period of inflation for Brits. Nearly 82% say they are concerned about rising costs – far outpacing even political divide or the environment – so it is imperative that chains such as M&S remain competitive on pricing.

“Our latest index suggests cost of living concerns will continue to rise over the coming months, with value set to become even more important to families,” Maria Pickett, Head of Food Customer Insight at M&S, said: “Our Fresh Market Specials across stores offer a rotating menu of fresh, high-quality produce at great value. We’re focused on delivering our trusted value promise, which matters more than ever to our customers. Trusted value means offering great value food without compromising on quality and freshness, sourcing standards or at the expense of our suppliers.”

Around a third of Brits say they are nervous about getting enough healthful food, up more than 10% since the previous report was done in March of 2021. That Brits are thinking strongly about what they are eating is a good sign for supermarkets, and especially for fresh produce.

So whom should retailers be targeting when it comes to trying to get the word on eating more healthy and those items that provide the best value? That depends. It is likely that supermarkets will find can’t-miss sales boosts in Millennials, who indicated their desire over all others in being more healthful. However, there may be opportunities to point out their many benefits to the generation least likely to say they are thinking about getting in shape – those who are 65 and over.

The three top factors driving consumers are value at 78%, followed by convenience (55%) and customer service (47%).



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