Chunky guacamole makes UK debut in Costco stores

Produce Business wire report

Westfalia Fruit and Costco UK have been working closely together to successfully introduce Chunky Guacamole to Costco’s UK stores.

Westfalia’s Chunky Guacamole is sourced from Hass avocados, naturally grown in the African sunshine to develop the full and unique buttery avocado flavor. 

This guacamole which is full of natural goodness and health benefits, contains four whole avocados, along with fresh tomato, jalapeños, onions and a delicate squeeze of lime. 

“Westfalia has an unrivaled legacy and expertise in sustainably growing avocados for over 70 years, with some of our original avocado trees continuing to produce fruit today,” said Graham Young, Westfalia Global Category Manager.

“Our guacamole is a great example of how we are using the whole fruit within our supply chain whilst maintaining the integrity of the avocados with market leading sustainable technology,” he added.

The Chunky Guacamole is now available throughout Costco UK warehouses as a twin pack, in its distinctive green recyclable packaging.



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