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Cherry Summit hosting webinar on opportunities, challenges from pandemic

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The Global Cherry Summit, the premier annual event for cherry industry professionals worldwide, will hold a webinar on 29 April. The online event will act as a preview of the in-person event that has been postponed to August and as an excellent opportunity for the sector to meet and analyze the complex 2020-21 Chilean cherry season.

The recent Chilean cherry season was severely impacted by unconfirmed rumors of a positive Covid-19 detection on imported cherry packaging in China at the start of the year.

In light of this, The Global Cherry Summit organizers decided to hold the webinar entitled “Cherries 2021: Challenges and opportunities after a complex season”, so that industry stakeholders from Chile and around the world can analyze the recent campaign and share ideas about what improvements can be made.

The webinar will take place from 10am to 12.30pm local time (EST) and will include simultaneous translation to English. It will analyze key topics relating to the cherry industry both in Chile and around the world, including the recent season, export and market data, recommended industry actions, and reactions to the 2021 marketing campaign, among others.

During the event, there will be presentations from key industry actors including Claudio Vial, General Manager of Ranco Cherries, and Ignacio Caballero, Marketing Director of ASOEX. There will also be a roundtable that will include the participation of Cristian Tagle, President of the Cherry Committee of ASOEX, and Alejandro Garcia-Huidobro, President and Founder of Exportadora Prize, Víctor Maroto and Marian Schmidt, as well as other industry representatives.

Gustavo Yentzen, director of Yentzen Group and co-organizer of the event, highlighted that the webinar will provide information for all participants of the global cherry industry, including growers, exporters, marketers, importers and retailers.

“After such a complex period for the cherry industry, it is important to take a moment to analyze the different variables that were at play, in order to learn from them and forge a brighter future,” he said.

The in-person version of the Global Cherry Summit, organized by Yentzen Group and the Cherry Committee of ASOEX, had been scheduled for April but has been postponed to August 17, 2021, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the Chilean Government. The event will still take place at the Sun Monticello Conference Center in San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile.

Those who have already registered for the in-person event will be able to attend the webinar for free. In addition, there are courtesy registrations available for Cherry Committee partners. Registrations for the webinar are also open to the public.

For registrations or more information, please contact Natalia Castillo at or write to

To purchase tickets, please visit:



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