Warm weather means British cherries will be sweet, plentiful this summer

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Despite a very “British start to the year with plenty of rain and chills”, British cherry growers say the recent warmer weather means British cherries will have more flavour than previous years and in time for harvest.

Cherries are already arriving at major retailers and are expected through mid-to-late September. Crop levels are expected hit Brix of 18, with some growers hinting that that they could hit or exceed 26. That means a very sweet summer for those who love cherries.

“We’re delighted to see the sunshine arrive just at the right time as the cherries ripen on branch, ready for picking imminently,” said Jon Hillary, Driscoll’s Cherry Product Manager. “Our growers are all predicting that the quality will be best in class, so our customers and consumers alike can expect a summer of flavourful cherries aplenty”. 

The robust supply chain stretching from Berry Gardens growers – in Kent, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Norfolk, Staffordshire, and Perthshire – through Driscoll’s and to UK retailers is leading the charge.

“There is great excitement amongst our team this year about the British cherry season this year as we anticipate the flavour and sweetness of the cherries could be one of the best yet,” Berry Gardens Cherry Grower Sarah Neaves said. “There really Is nothing like British cherries. They are such a special fruit. The British cherries this year should be big, firm and with a delicious taste, which we’re Incredibly proud to get in front of customers this summer.”

Retailers will have at their disposal many ways to promote British cherries, from in-store displays to a huge summer promotions campaign that includes recipe creation and occasions to highlight.



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