Zhonghua Yang/Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023

Spectacular shots: The 2023 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards are in

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The 2023 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year awards are in … and the images that go with them are out of this world.

The winning entry, called The Candy Man and depicting a cotton candy street vendor in Mumbai, India, took home first prize and $6,000 for Jon Enoch of the UK in the ceremony broadcast live on YouTube.

“A huge amount of time and thought went into capturing it so it’s great to be recognised by such an esteemed panel of judges,” Enoch said.

Jon Enoch/Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023

There were 35 other champions in different categories from the 12th annual show, including three standouts that featured fresh fruits and vegetables:

  • Photographer Indu Vishwanath Singh won for top food influencer with a heartfelt picture of a man cutting a pomegranate while wearing the ring of his deceased wife, who loved the fruit.
  • Susan-Astor’s Smith black-and-white of the gills of mushrooms in Seville, which won in the Hotel Art Group Cream of the Crop category; and
  • Zhonghua Yang’s stunning and playful shot of hanging persimmons and baskets glowing in front of a building in China, which earned top prize in the Moments of Joy category. Pink Lady said the category captures “intimate, special or ordinary moments that are shared while growing, preparing, cooking, serving or eating food.” Zhonghua also won Photographer of the Year for China for the impossible capture of pulled sugar forming a white halo over an artisan.
Indu Vishwanath Singh/Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023

The patience, persistence and keen eyes of photographers were not lost on any of the hosts or judges, who marveled at the final results.

“I have a deep appreciation for food photography,” said awards host, chef and author Nadiya Hussain MBE. “I have written many cookbooks and watched the detail that goes into creating a photograph, but it’s not just food photography. It’s the people that surround the food industry, the people who eat it, the people who serve it. It’s just so rich in culture. There are so many stories to be told.

“Food connects us all, no matter the background. It is the staple of life. With thousands of stunning and enchanting global images, to be represented in these awards is an incredible achievement. To be a part of this is a complete pleasure.”

Susan Astor-Smith/Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2023

This year’s judges included acclaimed photographer David Loftus; Fiona Shields, Head of Photography, Guardian News & Media; Chef Ian Kittichai, Restaurateur, Author & TV Host; Ella Ravilious, Curator, The V&A Museum; Nik Sharma, Cookbook author, Photographer, Columnist; and Rein Skullerud, Senior Photographer, Photo Editor at the United Nations World Food Programme.

The images (including those that were not finalists but are still amazing) can be seen on the Pink Lady website and in person at The Royal Photographic Society, Bristol from Saturday 20th May – Sunday 11th June. They will run alongside other exhibits in the city as part of ‘World Photography in Focus,’ which includes Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Travel Photographer of the Year.



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