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Sainsbury’s adds another convenient tech piece for shoppers

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Sainsbury’s has implemented checkout-free shopping at its Holborn Circus convenience store as it looks to improve customer satisfaction and ease of purchasing.

The retailer is utilising Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to allow consumers a better experience.

“We’re excited to bring Just Walk Out technology to our first customer internationally with Sainsbury’s,” Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s Vice President of Physical Retail and Technology, said. “With no tills, no checkout lanes, and no self-service scanners, we can’t wait to hear how busy Londoners enjoy the experience.”

The innovation, being employed similarly by retailers in the UK and across the world, is the latest from Sainsbury’s to make shopping more pleasurable. It already employs Same Day Home Delivery, enhanced pricing through Nectar, Click & Collect and On Demand service Chop Chop. 

Customers taking advantage of the newest tech piece simply scan a QR code using their SmartShop app (linked to a credit or debt card) when the enter the supermarket. Just Walk Out then instantly tallies whatever items the customer selects. If they put the item back, the balance reflects that. When they exit the store, they just need to scan the QR code and they are charged. A receipt will be emailed to them.

Customers who require assistance can get it from store colleagues.  

Sainsbury’s notes that demand for contactless shopping has increased exponentially since the beginning of the pandemic. SmartShop, available in close to 1,400 stores, has seen a 173% growth in sales year over year. In supermarkets that allow for use of the app, 30% of all sales come via SmartShop, more than double 2020.



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