Irish sprinter Phil Healy, with a young student, has joined forces with Fyffes in an online quest to find ‘Ireland’s Fittest School’.

Olympians sign on with Fyffes to find Ireland’s ‘fittest’ school

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Multinational Fyffes is continuing its campaign to keep youngsters healthy, partnering with Olympians Phil Healy and David Gillick to determine Ireland’s fittest school.

Healy and Gillick, both world-class sprinters and athletes, are ambassadors on the Fyffes Fit Squad that is helping schoolkids stay active and eating well through workout videos they say are “fit for even the least active”. Those online recordings offer routines for schools to utilise as part of their physical education curriculum.

The competition begins in November and runs through May, when an overall winner will be announced. The top-performing school will get a visit from Healy and Gillick and receive €5,000 worth of sports equipment.

The Fyffes Fit Squad has been instrumental in reaching 20,000 children with positive and health-driven messages and exercise ideas. When the campaign began, those squads visited schools in person to spread the word. But the pandemic forced that mission online. Fyffes official say that when COVID-19 conditions improve, they will resume. Among the many monthly prizes being offered by Fyffes are one of the most healthy treats – bananas.



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