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Aldi creates ‘allyship’ training for managers to help them better support colleagues

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Store-level managers and those that head up other departments at Aldi are being trained to better serve the needs of colleagues.

Leaning into the notion of “allyship”, Aldi wants its managers to make their workers feel welcomed, included and respected. That is particularly true of “colleagues from minority groups.”

At present and aside from managerial staff, Aldi has about 40,000 employees in the UK. They come from all types of social and economic backgrounds, and their diversity should be honoured.

“We’re always looking for ways to better support our colleagues, and providing training for our managers is a significant step we can take to assist them and their teams in becoming allies,” Richard Shuttleworth, Diversity and Inclusion Director at Aldi UK, said. “Fostering a positive work environment for all our colleagues is about everyday actions, and implementing this training is just another of the many ways we are committed to helping achieve that.”

So, what exactly are the objectives of allyship and how will it be put into practice?

Allyship is effectively a group effort – in this case all managers – to lend support and encouragement to fellow colleagues and identify situations where they might feel uncomfortable. Aldi says training for managers will include showcasing the benefits of allyships, how to foster positive behaviours that support employees and “how to productively challenge others.”

The goal? Create more inclusive workspaces. That not only includes in-store work but behind-the-scenes collaboration in warehouses and corporate offices.

Earlier this year, Aldi released its own guide on allyship as part of its mission to “embrace diversity and inclusion.” That booklet effectively gives advice to colleagues on how to impart empathy to those from different religious, ethnic, racial and gender backgrounds.



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