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Top British farming group entices seasonal berry pickers with excellent perks

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Before the start of the British berry season, farmers Hall Hunter have launched an extensive recruitment programme to try to bring in seasonal workers.

With a yield of more than 8,000 tonnes of British soft fruit last year, Hall Hunter supplies major UK supermarkets with British strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Fruit pickers are required with valuable industry experience, the company has a 70% employee return rate, along with above-average pay, full training, and high-standard on-site accommodation.

“Fruit picking and harvest work is rewarding but it’s also quite physically demanding,” “Harry Hall, Managing Partner of the Hall Hunter group says. “This is why we strive to make sure our teams have time to relax and have fun during downtime.”

Hall Hunter has three picturesque farms in the southern British countryside – Sheeplands Farm and Heathlands Farm in Berkshire, and Tuesley Farm in Surrey. Each offers a safe, comfortable, and profitable environment with easy links to London and other iconic UK landmarks.

Free transport to local towns and supermarkets is provided, allowing seasonal workers to enjoy shopping and sightseeing on off days.

“We work to develop a family atmosphere within all our farms to encourage new friendships to form,” Hall said. “Within our on-site accommodation, we have a variety of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy, and frequently arrange trips and events.

“In addition, we regularly organise day trips to car boot sales, sporting tournaments, parties, and BBQs within each picker village. This is a fantastic way to make friends, and by getting involved, our pickers can really make the most out of their experience.”

The farm group has an innovative crop system that sees strawberry crops on a tabletop system, which allows berry pickers to work in greater volumes at a faster pace. 

Each of Hall Hunter farms has on-site accommodations that pickers can use for a small weekly rental fee. The farm group has also introduced ‘picker villages’ that are made up of fully-furnished mobile homes which are well-maintained, including Wi-Fi, recreational activities, a canteen serving low-cost meals and a shop with Eastern European products.



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