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Tesco gives customers relief at tills by trialling scan-free technology in Fulham

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Tesco has unveiled new technology in a Fulham supermarket that allows customers to go through checkouts or self-service tills without having to scan their items.

The store at Tesco Fulham Reach Express is featuring GetGo’s app and scan-free checkouts, which will conventiently show the list of items from their baskets. Shoppers can pay as they usually do, without using the Tesco app.

“We are constantly searching for the perfect formula to make the shopping trip as seamless and convenient as possible,” says Sarah Quiggin, Head of Store Customer Experience, Tesco. “This trial of scan-free checkouts will add another option for customers in Fulham Reach to save time on scanning items and will reduce queuing in store.

“We will be watching closely to see how customers react to this potential new option of having a list of their shopping presented to them automatically.”

Three other GetGo stores are located at High Holborn, London; Chiswell St, London and Aston University in Birmingham. They all offer a mobile GetGo option, where customers just pick items, scan the app and walk out, as well as traditional self-service or attended tills.

Customers who currently use the checkout-free option at the GetGo stores are sent a receipt for their purchases within a few minutes of leaving the store, but shoppers also always have the option to pay with cash at an attended till in each GetGo store.

They then just need to stand in front of the till and press ‘Get Started’ before checking their items and paying with a card. Tesco plans to station colleagues near the tills to help customers with any issues.



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