Fyffes on track to meet targets of sustainability, ‘ethical performance’ by 2030

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Fyffes published its second sustainability report, which highlights the company’s progress towards its 13 sustainability targets during 2021 and 2022. These targets have been set against a 2020 baseline year and are expected to be met by 2030.

Fyffes targets align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and include six human rights targets; four targets that cover both environmental and social objectives; and three environmental targets, including one of the most ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets in the fresh produce sector.

“The publication of our second sustainability report is a significant milestone for all our people, and the progress we are making against our targets is a major achievement,” Fyffes CEO Helge Sparsoe said. “Fyffes ambition in sustainability, including human rights, environmental and ethical performance reflects our strategic vision to Shape Wellbeing for the World. I invite our employees, stakeholders and customers to read the report to find out more.”

Fyffes has exceeded its benchmark of providing 5 million meals to vulnerable communities by 2025 — with more than 8 million meals delivered — and is on track to meet its remaining targets in the next few years.

It continues to look for ways to help mitigate global economic and environmental challenges.

“During the cost-of-living crisis faced by many around the world, Fyffes is proud to work with expert partners in food banks and other organizations in both our production markets of Latin America as well as our consumption markets in North America and Europe that repurpose food loss into nutritious healthy meals, avoiding greenhouse gas emissions and satisfying nutritional outcomes for people,” Julie Cournoyer, Global Director of Sustainability said. 

The full report can be downloaded at: www.fyffes.com/sustainability/reports–2 

For more than 130 years, Fyffes has been a leader in bringing tropical produce to millions of consumers. It is the largest importer of Fairtrade certified bananas in the world and one of the largest banana and pineapple importers in Europe.

“We achieve the highest quality by nurturing relationships with our growers, supporting our employees, and diligently serving each link in the chain: production, procurement, shipping, ripening, distribution, and marketing,” Fyffes said in a statement. “This approach has earned Fyffes leadership across multiple markets; today we are.”



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