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Finland company launches online global fruit trade platform

Frest Fruit Portal

A new digital solution by Finnish company Claridock is looking to become an ally to the produce industry by connecting suppliers and buyers globally through an online platform.

The Helsinki-based firm welcomed 2023 with the launch of its newly developed solution, which allows constant market monitoring for companies looking to expand their businesses.

The tool went live on Jan. 3, and currently covers producers in 48 countries including the UK, South Africa, the US, Canada, China, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia.

The platform creates company profiles detailing fruits in season, product categories, certificates, locations, volumes, and more. 

Users are able request a booking quotation according to origin and destination, and connect directly with sales representatives.

Agricultural companies can set up their own profile and showcase their products. If they decide to receive inquiries via Claridock, the firm provides them with tools to process them much faster.

On this aspect, its creators believe it can also help small producers to gain visibility and sell globally.

“Claridock is looking to bring more transparency into the industry by providing a platform for suppliers and buyers to make faster decisions and digitalize their processes,” CEO and founder Slobodan Stanic told

Creators of the platform have dubbed it a “two-sided marketplace” seeking to bring the produce industry to the digital era.

Although main functions of the platform are free within sign up, premium features require a fee payment.

“Everyone can sign-up to for free which gives them a more advanced search of the companies in the database,” the executive added.

Claridock currently has detailed data on major food imports and its main actors. According to Stanic, the company is committed to continue developing tools to process and manage shipments.

Additionally, Stanic said they will be adding more food categories to the database in order to broaden the platform’s global reach.



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