Chic Onix oranges slice their way into British supermarkets and onto consumer cocktails

Produce Business report

The unusual-looking Onix orange has been released by AMFRESH company Genesis Fresh and is finding its ways onto displays in British supermarkets, including Tesco and Marks and Spencer.

The striped dark-red Onix was discovered in Spain and is being marketed strategically as a cocktail mixer. Take one look at its stunning skin and its two-tone flesh and it’s easy to understand why.

Genesis Fresh CEO David Alba noted its “post-harvest life, durability, fantastic coloration, and firmness.”

Not to be confused with the Sanguinelli orange, Onix has darker flesh but is a bit bigger. The dead giveaway is its super dark skin.

“While Onix and Sanguinelli are comparable in organoleptic quality, Onix excels by achieving optimal size and external coloring earlier, enabling earlier harvest,” Alba says. ‘’Onix exhibits exceptional on-tree endurance and outstanding post-harvest life, extending its sales window to approximately 4-5 months in each hemisphere.” 

The Onix is hitting supermarkets in Spain and Germany, including REWE and quickly gaining a following.

“The elegant, innovative branding and positioning of Onix within the citrus and fresh produce space have resonated with consumers across European markets, driving remarkable in-store sales performance,” says Patricia Sagarminaga, Global Director of Marketing & Communications at AMFRESH.

The variety is retailing at £1 (USD $1.08) apiece, and packaged in 3 or 5-piece sets.



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