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BerryWorld’s ‘outstanding’ Ruby raspberries earn Superior Taste Award

Produce Business edited report from Fresh Fruit Portal

BerryWorld’s Ruby raspberries were recently honored with the Superior Taste Award at the International Taste Institute awards, scoring an “outstanding” in the blind tasting with 3 stars. 

Currently grown in the UK, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany, and Italy, BerryWorld’s new raspberry variety “captivated the professional panel of experts with a near-perfect score for its texture,” the brand said in a release.

Ruby raspberries are part of BerryWorld Plus, the firm’s specialized breeding program, established to create exceptional “flavour-picked raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry varieties”, the firm states on its website.

“These awards recognize our continued global strategy to deliver, together with our partners, the best quality premium soft fruits; varieties that ensure a sustainable future for the industry; securing yield for growers and consistently meeting consumers’ increasing quality expectations,” BerryWorld Varieties Divisional CEO Samuel Rowe said.

The International Taste Institute has evaluated more than 20,000 foods and beverages with a jury of prestigious chefs and sommeliers, composed of more than 200 professional taste experts from more than 20 countries.

BerryWorld’s BEE Honest strawberries and Masena blueberries were also recognized with the Superior Taste Award, scoring two stars each.

The brand is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary and 17th International Taste Institute award.



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