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Zespri makes ‘Taste the Obsession’ pitch to UK shoppers with SunGold kiwi 4-pack at Tesco

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Susan Barrow Dodd, the Market Manager in the UK for Zespri, was direct in her assessment of the UK consumers’ embrace of kiwis.

“Although we are making good progress in kiwifruit consumption in the UK, we are still a long way behind the penetration that we experience across the rest of Europe,” she said. “Many consumers [are] still unaware of the excellent health benefits that the fruit offers.”

Zespri and retailer Tesco are aiming to change that perception and dynamic, particularly in Zespri’s SunGold product. Along with some help from Proprint Group, Inc., they’ve created a recyclable 4-pack to go with the loose jumbo kiwi that is being marketed and branded with the “Taste the Obsession” catchphrase. They are selling in stores for £2.40.

“As we build on our partnership with Tesco, we are committed to raising the profile of the kiwi category,” Barrow Dodd said. “The move from own label to the Zespri SunGold brand is a major step change for the wider category and will enable us to form a deeper connection with consumers, communicate the passion that lies at the heart of our grower-owned brand, and boost overall kiwi consumption.”

And even though they aren’t flying off the shelves the way they do in Europe, there is plenty of room for expansion.

“Kiwis are growing in popularity with our customers, so we’re really excited to be working with Zespri to add to our offering with this deliciously sweet gold variety,” said Olivia Kirkwood, Tesco’s exotic fruit buyer.

The campaign focuses primarily on the “passion of the growers behind the brand”, a notion that companies who work in other categories have found success. Tesco and Zespri hope it catches on with media, influencers and consumers who try SunGold and then share their experiences.

“Throughout this summer, we will be delivering a range of trade marketing activations, including online banners, radio advertising, consumer sampling, and wider trade media activity to drive visibility of the newly branded packs, so keep your eyes peeled to learn more about Zespri SunGold,” Barrow Dodd said.



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