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Mission Produce to install ripening technology in Dartford distribution centre

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Mission Produce, Inc. has announced the testing results of its Mission Control ripening technology and management process, confirming its ability to accelerate avocado ripening and improve product uniformity. 

The new technology will be implemented for the first time in the company’s newest forward distribution centre in Dartford,  England, which is anticipated to open in March of 2023. 

Mission Control will provide enhanced ripening capabilities and promote product reliability for the Company’s UK customer base.

Mission Produce is a world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh Hass avocados.

“As experts in the art of ripening, Mission Produce is entering the UK market by leading innovation in the avocado category,” said Steve Barnard, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, of  Mission Produce. 

Barnard stated that the enhanced ripening capabilities with Mission Control position the company to drive demand and market growth in the UK for ripe avocados and mangos.  

How does the technology work?

Mission Control was found to accelerate fruit ripening by as much as 20% when compared to a  conventional ripening system, which can provide significant benefits when delivering ripe and ready fruit to customers.

Additionally, fruit ripeness throughout the ripening chamber was found to be more consistent when using Mission Control. The study was designed in partnership with The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, specifically Dr. Jem Burdon, a  postharvest specialist and industry expert in fruit ripening. 

Trials were conducted at the  University of Greenwich’s Produce Quality Centre, one of the UK’s top research facilities for storage, handling, and packaging solutions for fresh produce.  

“Mission Control was designed with a science-based approach to creating the optimal environment for ripening,” said Adam Shaw, Technical Director of Mission Produce UK. 

“We’ve fine-tuned our controls in collaboration with our strategic partners, who hold a wealth of biological knowledge and technological understanding in our industry. Based on our impressive testing results, we are confident that the technology can promote a more consistent and reliable product and, in turn, enhance our customer relationships,” added Shaw.

Mission Control was built in partnership with the Company’s manufacturing partner, Cross  Refrigeration (“Cross”), a global leader in advanced temperature controls and fully automated fruit ripening solutions for global fruit importers. 

“Mission Control can deliver a game-changing impact to the avocado ripening process,” said  Andrew Nesbitt, Group Managing Director of Cross Group. “Tight controls have been a  fundamental part of the Cross ripening system for over 30 years, delivering highly advanced fruit  ripening rooms worldwide.” 

“We continue to innovate to bring the highest quality fruit to our customers and solidify our position as a reliable source of the world’s finest avocados and mangos,” said Paul Frowde,  Managing Director, of Mission Produce UK.



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