Pallet Earth’s stackable solutions can be cost saver for produce companies

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One of the many vendors worth checking out at Fruit Logistica this week is a company called Pallet Earth, which is making big strides in the development of sustainable solutions to transport and move fresh produce … and do it cost-efficiently.

Their pallets are not only comprised of 100% recycled plastic and contain strong inner steel frames but also are fully ISPM15 compliant at all times. Carl McInerney, UK & Europe Sales Director for Pallet Earth, says the latter is absolutely essential due to the stringent post-pandemic guidelines around importing and exporting in the UK.

“Our pallets can provide peace of mind that products are fully complaint with new BREXIT phytosanitary requirements, removing the need for heat treatment or worrying about mould impacting quality,” he says. “Using European based manufacturing, and with warehouses close to market, Pallet Earth is ready to support the import and export markets of the UK, ensuring both compliance and smooth servicing for clients.”

A major advantage of Pallet Earth’s products over traditional wooden pallets – and even those from competitors – is in their efficiency. Because they can be returned and reused from their original starting points, that can limit the amount of CO2e by 8kg per pallet. And their innovative design allowed for nearly quadruple the amount of pallets to be stacked at once: 50 compared with 13. That steel frame ensures durability in helping protect produce, while air holes deliver proper ventilation.

“And they are fully trackable, with built in tracking allowing full visibility of products throughout theentire transport system, a particular benefit for fresh and frozen produce that requires specific cool chain measurements to be met, ensuring produce is at its best possible quality on arrival,” McInerney says.

Pallet Earth, as their name signifies, is intent on producing pallets that are environmentally friendly. Theirs contain API Integrating with ERP systems to meet cold chain requirements. Recycled pallets in general can help businesses remain compliant far into the future, even as they increase their own standards.

“Our pallets deliver two significant advantages – reducing carbon footprint by up to 60% and reducing global supply chain costs by up to 50%,” says Dave Cashmore, Pallet Earth GM. “There really is a smarter way to do things, with our pallets providing corporations circularly economical, yet sustainable, supply chain solutions to drive down costs, consumption and carbon.”

Cashmore and McInerney will be speaking on the Tech Stage at Fruit Logistica on Thursday on “Sustainability in Global Supply Chains. Guests can also visit their stand at D-7 in Hall 26 for more information on their products.



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