Transfesa to supply Spanish produce to Tesco via rail delivery service

Transfesa to supply Spanish produce to Tesco via rail delivery service

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Madrid-based Transfesa Logistics has announced that it will supply with Tesco with Spanish fruit and vegetables by a new express rail service.

Tesco is putting about £5 million into rail infrustructure as it looks to do more by train than by truck in the near future. The service also helps reduce carbon emissions and  reduce impacts on the environment. 

In its first stage, Transfesa will be transporting 15 loads weekly from the Almussafes rail terminal in Valencia to the Barking rail terminal. Barking rail terminal is operated by DB Cargo (which belongs to Transfesa Logistics) and is a strategic location in the South East.

The operation, will be reviewed weekly and monthly, and volume may expand depending on the performance the customer as set to achieve.

Transfesa Logistics has established a new departure time for the express service, – 8 pm – so fresh produce can be collected on the same day of the departure and while guaranteeing maximum food quality. 

The ultimate goal is to maximize transit time and provide ample loading times per unit. Transfesa Logistics has extensive experience having delivered goods to the UK for the past 26 years. 

The new route to Great Britain connects Transfesa Logistics with its origins. In its first years of existence, in the 70s and 80s, the company transported in conventional wagons 750,000 tons of produce annually.

Tesco also has committed to 500 new rail boxes, according to Business Green, and is looking to transport more goods by rail through the North East too.

IIn addition to the rail initiative, Tesco said it has worked with suppliers to cut 200,000 tonnes of food waste from their combined operations.



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