JD Cooling, Worldwide Fruit unveil unique Softripe avocado facility in Spalding

JD Cooling, Worldwide Fruit unveil unique Softripe avocado facility in Spalding

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Bespoke cooling systems supplier JD Cooling completed its work on a project it says has revolutionized avocado ripening, according to reports.

JD Cooling Group, an independent supplier of temperature control systems and Worldwide Fruit Ltd have unveiled their new Softripe avocado ripening facility in Spalding.

A total of 132 pallet spaces using Softripe technology are now in operation with fruit set to arrive nationally in stores in October.

“It is not very often something comes along in our industry that is game changing, but Softripe is most certainly that, and indeed the biggest thing to happen in the ripening sector for decades,” said John Dye, chairman of JD Cooling Group. “This facility is going to be a total revolution for the ripe and ready marketplace.”

A giant leap forward in ripening technology, the industry award-winning Softripe delivers a more efficient, streamlined process, including the reduction of secondary handling. It also provides greater consistency and quality of the ripened fruit, coupled with far lower wastage through the reduced need for destructive testing and significant energy reduction.

Softripe delivers benefits for the retailer and consumer. Softripe avocados have an enhanced quality, flavour, and on-shelf life that are ultimately more attractive to retailers by providing a better consumer experience.

Softripe is patented and is the only ripening process that uses a completely gas-tight chamber together with CO2 absorbers and nitrogen generators to enable optimum levels of ethylene, CO2 and oxygen all to be fully controlled.

This allows the unique Softripe software algorithms to establish the optimum conditions for perfect ripening every time. Softripe effectively ‘listens and talks’ to the fruit through its respiration gases, adapting to its needs during the ripening cycle and guiding it through an optimum organic ripening process.



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