Tesco snaps up bountiful strawberry crop for bank holiday sales

Tesco snaps up bountiful strawberry crop for bank holiday sales


Mild temperatures coupled with plenty of rain has led to high yields of strawberries for one of the retailer’s suppliers.

Tesco has bought an extra 150,000 one kilogram boxes of British strawberries, which it claims is part of its policy to support UK farmers and drive down food waste.

The supermarket’s strategy is to buy as much of a farmer’s crop as possible to avoid produce going to waste, while giving the supplier a better deal and passing on discount offers to shoppers.

Strawberry supplier, Hall Hunter Partnership is a family business producing fruit in Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

“The 1kg boxes will be at the discounted price of £3 and will be available in all large stores. British strawberry farmers are able to make more profit from their bumper yield and customers benefit from low cost fresh fruit,” says Tesco berry buyer, Jordan Blandford.

“In February, Tesco were the first retailer to put British strawberries back on our shelves and now working with our suppliers we’re able to offer even more bonus berries to customers.”




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