Westfalia puts stamp on sustainability by engraving Tesco logo on avocados

Avocado fans will notice interesting changes when buying one of Britain’s most popular fruits. In a move to help the environment, Tesco will do away with the sticky labels that extra-large avocados have today in favor of eye-catching laser engravings. At the same time, it is trialing the replacement of the plastic tray packaging on […]

Health-conscious consumers are craving and buying more veg, plant-based products

The “plant-based” food craze, which seemed to point the future of eating several years ago, took a surprising tumble last year, But major UK supermarket chain Tesco says it is back with a vengeance from shopping patterns in has been seeing over the past three months on products that are meat-free: “Plant-based food has been […]

Four new hybrid mandarin varieties being developed in Spain for UK market

New sensory research gauges how Jaffa Orri Mandarins fare in China and Japan

It might be hard for Brits to believe, but Europeans actually like having pips in their mandarins. And that’s resulted in a challenge for consumers looking for satsumas in the UK. There are just fewer satsumas being produced as Spain and Morocco have concentrated on other types. “Traditionally the European market preferred clementines, which are […]

Five projects backed by Tesco, WWF show innovative work to protect food chain

Five companies that have been working with Tesco’s suppliers as part of the 2022 Innovation Connections Programme which is also headed by the WWF discussed progress they’ve made over the past year in their research projects. Those projects are mainly geared toward enviromental preservation, conservation and the limiting of carbon in the atmosphere. Currently, 60% […]