Fast-charging Aldi surpasses 10% in UK supermarket share

Aldi continues to grow Deliveroo options as it heads towards Christmas

Tucked within Kantar Worldpanel’s latest report that food inflation has dipped a smidge to 17.3% is another nugget worthy of headlines: Aldi has reached double digits in market share in the UK. In its blazing run into the Big Four, Aldi now has cornered 10.1% of the market after a mindblowing 25% rise in the […]

Coronation Holiday drives Co-op to move to 100% British strawberries

Retailer Co-op announced it is making the shift to 100% British strawberries in its stores in advance of the Coronation Bank Holiday and royal celebrations. Sales of more than 500,000 punnets of strawberries are expected during the lead-up to the events, and Co-op is preparing its 2,400 stores across the UK for the rush. The […]

Aldi creates ‘allyship’ training for managers to help them better support colleagues

Store-level managers and those that head up other departments at Aldi are being trained to better serve the needs of colleagues. Leaning into the notion of “allyship”, Aldi wants its managers to make their workers feel welcomed, included and respected. That is particularly true of “colleagues from minority groups.” At present and aside from managerial […]

Self-driving vehicles are making grocery deliveries in London as part of ASDA trial

Customers who frequent ASDA’s Park Royal superstore in London west of Portobello Road Market now have another option to do their weekly shops instead of fighting the crowds. In a trial just launched by the retailer, shoppers can have their groceries delivered by self-driving vehicles. Over the next year, ASDA says it will serve approximately […]

Led by Montreal, Canada’s dynamic produce trade is making a comeback

Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, is a dynamic place where cultures, ideas and fashions intermingle, and the food culture is strong. Although the city retains many French Canadian roots, the opening of a new supermarket in 2022 demonstrates it also has a diverse culture. Last year, the first Quebec T&T Supermarket opened […]

When it comes to produce departments, knowledge is power

Our world is in a continuous state of change. Demographics are changing across the globe, as immigrants move to new locations and influence their new homes in many ways. One of the major changes is the influx of new and different cuisines being introduced in all areas of the world. To meet these changes in […]